Inkefx is a small t-shirt brand focused on providing high quality products with great customer service.

What is Inkefx?

Inkefx was a random word a friend and I created right before I was about to graduate college. I needed something that I could use as my personal portfolio. Who knows why we thought this was a better idea than just using my name. However, about 4 years later, I decided to switch my portfolio over to a URL that contains my real name and just decided to hang on to Inkefx.

Since about 2010 I had been playing with the idea of starting a small t-shirt company, mainly trying to find someone that I could partner up with, but inevitably decided to just take on the challenge myself. My main goal just like most other small t-shirt brands, is to provide a high quality product at a very reasonable price, and just make sure that the overall experience for the customer is as enjoyable as possible.

I had originally started out outsourcing the designs to a couple of illustrators, thinking that I would use their talents and following to help grow the brand and eventually bring exposure to artists that were maybe not so well known. But after getting my first shirt printed and people asking me if I actually designed it, got me thinking, is this the direction that I want to go? I wanted to have my hand in as much of everything as possible. So, I quickly scratched the idea of outsourcing all of my designs and started to actually create everything myself. Being a designer, this quickly became a very natural creative outlet to grow my talents further than just web design.

So here we are today, 9 shirts under our belt set on a mission to provide the highest quality product we possibly can with the best customer service that we can provide, hoping that you spread the word about inkefx and keep coming back for more. If you ever have any questions, feel free to just drop us a line. Thanks for your support!